Summer's here... almost. Get some sunscreen ready and enjoy the warmer weather! Or if you prefer, get some books and enjoy some summer music!

We have a wide range of books to keep your skills sharp and stay in practice for the coming school year.

If you'd like something simple, we supply all the Really Easy Piano series! These books are fun for any player: they're enjoyable and suit to many tastes, they're great for beginners and an even better sight reading exercise for more advanced players.

Did you enjoy this spring and summer's hits? Now you can play them and sing along with your friends! We have them for Piano, or if you'd like to do something different, you could grab a Ukulele and impress your friends with the brand new Ukulele edition!

Or would you prefer something more classical? The First Book for Pianists series is a great way to introduce beginners to the works of the most important composers of the past.

Another brand new series perfect for pianists is the Graded Piano solo with their colourful covers and great mix of repertoire pieces. We recommend it to anyone practicing for a grade exam, or just to keep their skills sharp. This series contains a wide selection of classical pieces and contemporary songs, from pop hits to musicals. A great way to expand your knowledge of music - come for Adele, stay for Chopin!

As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a book, or if you're looking for a piece in particular - we're here to help. Enjoy the coming months and don't forget to relax!