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Isaac Albeniz: Pavana - Capricho Op.12 (Violin/Piano)

Pavana 闂 Capricho is one of the last pieces from Isaac Albeniz 闂備胶鍋ㄩ崕鏌ユ偘 early period, before he turned to Spanish influences 闂 a style that would characterise the rest of his compositions. In this earlier period Albeniz , who was a child prodigy on the Piano, composed 闂備胶鍋ㄩ崕鑼剁亼alon style闂 music and experimented with traditional styles in the manner of Rameau, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt. His shift towards Spanish music occurred after meeting the teacher and composer Felipe Pedrell, a leading figure in the development of nationalist Spanish music. Pavana-Capricho is graceful and light-hearted at the same time. The playfulness that arises from the alternating moods is best achieved when the proper technique and articulation is applied. Arranged for Violin and Piano, and with a performance time of ca. 3:30, this piece of Romantic chamber-music is a perfect addition to any concert programme.
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SKU UME22716
Publisher Uni闁荤姵鍔楅悵 Musical Ediciones
ISBN 9780711995826
Contributors Albeniz, Isaac (Composer)
Skill Level 5
Genre Classical
Language English
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