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John Kenward/Ruth Kenward: A Little Nativity (Director's Pack/CD)

It's Christmas Eve and none of the children want to go to bed! 'Can we have a story?' they ask Mum and Dad (who – if it's a large cast – have a LOT of children!) 'Please tell us a story!' they beg. What follows is a simple telling of the Nativity story through songs (which have plenty of actions). The Nativity is acted out during the songs, after each of which the children ask 'What happened next?' Mum and Dad take the story forward into the next song, and so it goes on, until it really is time for bed! Age guide - 4 - 6 years: 8 short songs (+ 1 optional extra) with actions: approx 20 mins. Exceptionally easy to produce and very sweet, this is the perfect answer for those wanting to re-tell the Nativity story in a direct and simple way that even the youngest may understand. Director's Pack includes Director's Book, CD, Photocopy Masters of pupil script and lyrics and Programme Template.
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