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Joseph Alexander: Jazz Blues Soloing For Guitar

Never have 12 bars of music been treated to such a detailed, logical study. Whether you already play jazz, or are trying to expand your melodic horizons from the traditional blues, Jazz Blues Soloing For Guitar is a step by step method which breaks down the 12 bar jazz blues into its most essential elements. Each chord is taken in turn, and every important soloing approach is discussed. From arpeggio based ideas, to chromatic approach notes, passing notes, bebop scales and altered scales. Every concept is instantly made musical with plenty of lines and practice ideas based on the real world application of each idea. The emphasis is on creating smooth, flowing blues lines that are constructed from each concept taught in the book. Plenty of examples are given for every playing situation; however the book focuses on teaching the reader to build their own lines from fundamental principles of jazz theory. Jazz Blues Soloing For Guitar builds your soloing logically, chapter by chapter, and quickly develops a rock solid foundation from which advanced concepts are easily constructed and applied. Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar contains the following detailed chapters: Chapter One – The Jazz Blues Structure Chapter Two – Chord Voicings for the Jazz Blue Chapter Three – Soloing on the First Seven Bars Chapter Four – Smooth Transitions between Arpeggios Chapter Five – Targeting Specific Intervals Chapter Six – Using the Mixolydian Bebop Scale Chapter Seven – Chromatic Passing Notes Chapter Eight – Chromatic Approach Note Patterns Chapter Nine – Adding the bV Diminished 7 Chord Chapter Ten – 3rd to 9th Extended Arpeggios Chapter Eleven – Soloing on Bars Eight to Twelve Chapter Twelve – Using the Phrygian Dominant Bebop Scale Chapter Thirteen – Moving from G7 to Cm7 Chapter Fourteen – Using the Dorian Bebop Scale Chapter Fifteen – Soloing on F7 Chapter Sixteen – The F Mixolydian Bebop Scale Chapter Seventeen – The F Altered Scale Chapter Eighteen – Practicing Quick Changes Chapter Nineteen – Pentatonic Scales Chapter Twenty: Jazz Blues Solo Example Conclusions, Practice Tips and Further Study With over 100 pages on just 12 bars of music, this is the most detailed and practical guide to the jazz blues available.
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SKU 9781910403105
Publisher Fundamental Changes
ISBN 9781910403105
Contributors Alexander, Joseph (Author)
Genre Education
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