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Joseph Alexander: The Complete Guide To Playing Blues Guitar - Book 2: Melodic Phrasing


Learn to control rhythm and phrasing, and open your mind to infinite new musical possibilities. Melodic Phrasing challenges our perception of what blues soloing is. No longer will you be ‘chasing licks’ around the fretboard; struggling because you couldn’t quite execute or remember the line you were reaching for. In this book you will learn how to develop and control fundamental rhythmic fragments to create and drive your solo forward. By focusing on rhythm and phrasing, and by learning to combine and develop these rhythmic building blocks, the melodies will take care of themselves. This is a natural, organic approach to developing your Guitar soloing where you learn to trulyimprovise and break away from the prison of ‘lick playing’ or just ‘exploring’ the minor pentatonic scale. The Complete Guide To Playing Blues Guitar: Melodic Phrasing contains: Over 160 examples with free audio to download. Standard Notation and Tab. The most in-depth lessons on rhythm and phrasing available.


  • - Publisher: Fundamental Changes
  • - Instrumentation: Guitar
  • - Pages: 104
  • - Genre: Studies & Exercises
  • - ISBN: 9781910403037
  • - Product Code: 9781910403037
  • - Product Type: Book [Softcover]
  • - Series: Fundamental Changes
  • - Composer: Joseph Alexander
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SKU 9781910403037
Publisher Fundamental Changes
ISBN 9781910403037
Series Fundamental Changes
Contributors Alexander, Joseph (Author)
Genre Education, Blues
Pages 104
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