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Jacques Delecluse: Douze Etudes Pour Caisse Claire

Douze 闂備浇鍋恉es by Jacques Del闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎se (born 1933) is a set of twelves studies often used as solos for exams or auditions. Written for intermediate to advanced level, they are considered quite difficult, the difficulty progressing throughout the book. Douze 闂備浇鍋恉es particularly helps to develop precision and mastery over the roll. It uses dynamic changes, placement of ornaments and frequent time changes. It is a must for serious percussionists and, as such, is widely used all over the world. The author, Jacques Del闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎se , is a soloist at the Paris Orchestra and a professor at the Conservatoire National de Musique de Paris. He has conceived a keyboard-percussion instrument that holds his name and is also the author of a series of seven books 闂傚倷鑳堕崑銊╁磿閼煎С闁糕斁鍋 la mani闂備胶绮銊╃嵁瀹 de闂 for Drums and Piano.
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SKU AL23410
Publisher Alphonse Leduc
ISBN 9790046234101
Contributors Del闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎se, Jacques (Composer)
Genre Classical
Pages 16
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