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Jacques Delecluse: Test-Claire (Snare Drum)

Test-Claire is a piece for solo Snare Drum by Jacques Del闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎se . Written in memory of Robert Tourte, it lasts approximately 2 minutes and uses ternary rhythms. Test-Claire requires the mastering of trills which appears often throughout the work. The author, Jacques Del闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎se , is a soloist at the Paris Orchestra and a professor at the Conservatoire National de Musique de Paris. He has conceived a keyboard-percussion instrument that holds his name, and is also the author of a series of seven books 闂傚倷鑳堕崑銊╁磿閼煎С闁糕斁鍋 la mani闂備胶绮銊╃嵁瀹 de闂 for Drums and Piano.
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SKU AL27195
Publisher Alphonse Leduc
ISBN 9790046271953
Contributors Del闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎se, Jacques (Composer)
Genre Post-1900
Pages 4
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