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Jacques Delecluse - Trente Etudes Pour Timbales (2<sup>e</Sup> Cahier)

With few study books exisiting for the Timpani, Jacques Del闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎se ensures that this gap is filled with his excellent Thirty Studies for Timpani. French percussionist and composer, Del闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎se studied at the Paris Conservatoire in the mid-1900s, winning many prizes. The exercises in the second volume of Thirty Studies for Timpani are built on technical examples and problems. New rhythms are developed to ensure progression to a high level. For all aspiring Timpani players, Del闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎se 's Thirty Studies is essential, having been compiled by a master of the instrument himself.
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SKU AL24288
Publisher Alphonse Leduc
ISBN 9790046242885
Contributors Del闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎se, Jacques (Composer)
Genre Classical
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