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Rockschool: 2012-2018 Bass Companion Guide - Grades Debut-8

Rockschool: 2012-2018 Bass Companion Guide - Grades Debut-8
Perfect for teachers and students the Rockschool 2012-2018 Bass Companion Guide features over 200 闂備胶鍋ㄩ崕鑼剁亾nseen闂 test examples that cover every grade from Debut-8. The Companion Guide contains 3 CD闂備胶鍋ㄩ崕鏌ユ偘 worth of audio so you闂備胶鍋ㄩ崕鏌ユ偘閻 be able to get every aspect of your guitar exam nailed. If you want to improve your exam performance, this is the book for you. The Bass Companion Guide features examples from the following tests: Sight Reading (Debut-5) *36 Examples Improvisation & Interpretation (Grades1-5) *36 Examples Ear Tests (Debut-Grade 8) - 98 examples for both Melodic & Harmonic Recall Quick Study Pieces (Grades 6-8) - 18 example pieces in varying styles from metal to Latin. General Musicianship Questions (Debut-Grade 8) *45 example questions Use alongside Rockschool Grade Books to improve exam performance and technical ability. All Rockschool grades are fully accredited throughout the UK by the qualifications regulators of England (OfQual) The Welsh Government (DCELLS) Northern Ireland (CCEA) AND Scotland (SQA Accreditation).
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Publisher Rockschool Ltd.
ISBN 9781908920294
Series Rockschool Bass
Language English
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