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Eddie Collins: ASAP Bluegrass Guitar

ASAP Bluegrass Guitar is designed for folks wishing to become highly proficient bluegrass players. You'll be able to combine sophisticated left-hand fingerings with both simple and intricate right-hand picking patterns. Appropriate for beginning guitar players or more experienced players wishing to learn specifics and songs in the bluegrass style. With this book and the accompanying 2 CDs you'll learn the basics, single-note melodies, how to embellish basic melodies, embellish melodies by adding notes from the major scale, embellishing melodies with added chords strums, Carter-style playing, shuffle rhythm patterns, alternate bass strumming, the blues in bluegrass, intros, turnarounds and endings, using the capo, cross picking, improvising a solo, practising effectively, and much more! Some of the more popular bluegrass songs you'll learn are: Billy in the Lowground 闂 New River Train 闂 Wildwood Flower 闂 Foggy Mountain Blues 闂 Clinch Mountain Blues 闂 Red Haired Boy 闂 Forked Deer 闂 Bill Cheatham 闂 All the Good Times Past and Gone 闂 Blackberry Blossom 闂 Temperance Reel 闂 Salt Creek 闂 Devil's Dream 闂 June Apple 闂 Black Mountain Rag 闂 Saint Anne's Reel 闂 Banks of the Ohio 闂 Beaumont Rag 闂 Salty Dog Blues 闂 John Henry 闂 and many more. Start playing bluegrass guitar... ASAP!
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