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Team Woodwind Saxophone Eb (Book/CD)

Team Woodwind  is firmly established as a leading series of woodwind tutors. It presents a flexible course which can be tailored to suit each student, ideal for individual, group and class tuition. The books in the series contain plenty of carefully graded music in a wide range of styles, from Baroque and Classical eras to film, folk, jazz and Latin American. The series encourages ensemble playing with varied repertoire and develops instrument-related aural skills, improvisation and composition. Included are scales and arpeggios and a CD comprising of over 70 backing tracks to make every student feel like a star performer.  Team Woodwind  is available for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Alto Saxophone  and Tenor Saxophone all of which are compatible. There is also a separate book of Piano Accompaniments/Score. All of the books in the series are fully integrated allowing students using Team Woodwind  to play in ensembles with students using Team Brass and Team Strings.
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