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Xavier Montsalvatge: Self Parafrasis (Clarinet/Piano)

Xavier Montsalvatge (1912-2002) was a consummate Spanish composer who explored many 20th century styles including Impressionism, Serialism, Modernism, and Wagnerism, while maintaining a distinctive Catalan character. He first came to prominence in 1940, after the Spanish Civil War, and is seen to represent the 闂備胶鍋ㄩ崕鑼箔閹煎t generation闂 which was active in the second half of the 1900闂備胶鍋ㄩ崕鏌ユ偘. He helped to advance Spanish music from the Nationalistic style that dominated before the war, and began to introduce West Indian influences into European music. Self-Parafrasis for Clarinet and Piano was written around 1968, when Montsalvatge was just coming into the height of his compositional prowess. It is presented here in a high-quality glossy cover, and would make the perfect gift for any clarinettist.
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SKU UME21600
Publisher Uni闁荤姵鍔楅悵 Musical Ediciones
Contributors Montsalvatage, Xavier (Artist)
Genre Classical
Language English
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