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Poco Piano for Young Children Book 2


With its highly attractive, full-colour, age-appropriate layout, Poco Piano For Young Children encourages young children to take the first steps on a difficult, but thoroughly rewarding journey. Together withthe Music Theory for Young Children books, the Poco Piano For Young Children series leads the child from the very beginning to grade 1 level.

Poco Piano for Young Children includesexercises to help the child develop technique, rhythm and reading, and it involves the child in activities such as pasting, colouring, tracing, circling and clapping.

In Book 2 three new notes in eachhandare mastered (up to Treble High C and down to Bass Low C) and the child experiences changes of hand position within a tune. Quavers are introduced in all the time signatures covered in Book 1. Sharps and flats are included,but no mention is made yet of keys, key signatures, scales or triads. Dynamic markings are now in Italian, while tempo indications are still in English.


  • - Publisher: Alfred Music Publications
  • - Language: ENG
  • - Instrumentation: Piano 
  • - Product Type: Book [Softcover]
  • - ISBN: 9789834304836
  • - Pages: 64
  • - Product Code: ALF009834304838   
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SKU ALF4304838
Publisher Poco Studio
ISBN 9789834304836
Series Poco Piano For Young Children
Contributors Ng, Ying Ying (Author); O'Sullivan Farrell, Margaret (Author)
Skill Level 2
Pages 64
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