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Joseph Alexander: Guitar Fretboard Fluency

The creative guide to mastering the Guitar, Fretboard Fluency teaches you the sequential patterns, interval skips, triads and arpeggios that turn scales into useable melodic tools for soloing. It will help you to develop your musical ears while also building excellent technique and creative solos. Fretboard Fluency also gets you intimately acquainted with the Guitar neck by teaching you how to play every important scale, in every key in every position on the fretboard. By using just five scales you will open up the whole fretboard to instantly access every scale or mode anywhere on the Guitar. This book trains your ears and brain to be in charge of your fingers, while also developing your internal 'dictionary' of creative, melodic approaches. The patterns, structures and approaches you will learn help you to find new and creative ways to express yourself when soloing. Fretboard Fluency covers: Melodic Sequences Intervals Triads Arpeggios Creativity The CAGED System for All Scales Technique & Fluency Practical Application & Much More
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SKU 9781910403266
Publisher Fundamental Changes
ISBN 9781910403266
Series Fundamental Changes
Contributors Alexander, Joseph (Author)
Genre Tuition
Pages 103
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