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Nigel Tuffs: The Beginner Guitarist - Book 1

The Beginner Guitarist has been born out of 20 years of teaching experience. Although specifically designed as a teacher闂備胶鍋ㄩ崕鏌ユ偘 aid, it can also be used for independent study. Topics like posture, tuning and phrasing are not prescribed, being left to the judgement of the teacher. With the exception of right and left-hand fingering advice, this approach is used throughout the series. The entire series has the goal of being a measured and progressive tutor. Ideas are usually introduced one at a time to avoid overloading the student. Basic right-hand technique is the foundation of the early part of Book One . The ability to strike the string effectively and produce a clear sound is paramount. Left-hand technique is then addressed with notes on the top three strings in first position. Use of the thumb is also covered briefly. Light relief comes in the form of small amounts of glissando and percussive work. Dynamics are then introduced onto a stable base of notes, followed by accidentals (key of G). The book is rounded off with chords and arpeggios, giving the student a chance to 闂備胶鍋ㄩ崕鑼剁亼wap seats闂 with the teacher and play the role of accompanist. Elsewhere the teacher may accompany the pupil with the suggested chords, either playing the root note or the full voicings as notated. A daily practice session for the completion of book one, extra repertoire and other helpful information are all available at About the author: Nigel Tuffs is an instrumental teacher with more than 20 years of experience in all areas of guitar teaching. Originally a member of several rock bands he completed an honours degree at the Colchester Institute, specialising in composition and performance, and has since worked extensively as a chamber musician, in guitar ensembles, as an accompanist and also as an educator.
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Publisher Chester Music
ISBN 978-1-78038-487-0
Series The Beginner Guitarist
Contributors Tuffs, Nigel (Author)
Skill Level 1
Pages 16
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