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Stanton Moore: Take It To The Street

Stanton Moore presents a study in New Orleans Street Beats and second-line rhythms that takes the glorious cosmopolitan sounds of the Louisiana style and applies them to funk and rock drumming. New Orleans native Stanton Moore has studied the indigenous styles of his home city for many years, and this unique tutorial gives you the chance to learn about this rich musical heritage and master the beats that have become so characteristic of this cultural melting-pot. You will learn about the history of street beats, second line and the Mardi Gras Indians as well as the importance of clave to New Orleans drumming. You will discover how to put a New Orleans spin on traditional rhythms like Mambo, Guaguanco, Shuffle and Samba, and how to add inflection and variations to bring them to life. The accompanying CD includes performances by The Dirty Dozen, George Porter and Ivan Neville. The ideal choice for drummers of all abilities and styles wishing to add some unusual but thoroughly infectious elements to their playing.
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