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2Snare Drum Rudiments Chart

An invaluable reference guide for drummers of all genres, this Snare Drum Rudiments Chart features the 40 international drum rudiments with a short description and the patten in drum notation. The 40 Snare Drum Rudiments  are essential playing for any drummer, as they form the basis of more extended and complex patterns. From the Single Stroke Roll to the Triple Ratamacue, these are fundamental parts of modern drumming, from rock to jazz, and make an excellent inclusion to everyday practising. With the expansive folding design of the Snare Drum Rudiments Chart , the wealth of crucial information contained within is available practically and conveniently. The short description helps you to understand the rudiments, while the notation tells you exactly how to play it. With 40 rudiments, the chart covers everything from basic to complex rolls, single and multiple paradiddles, flams and more complex permutations of these. Also included is a helpful diagrammatic image of a snare drum, detailing its anatomy, as well as showing the two standard drum stick grips. The Snare Drum Rudiments Chart is packed with 40 fundamental snare drum patterns that are essential for drummers of any genre to know.
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