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Paul Harris/John Lenehan: Improve Your Aural! - Grade 1


Many young pianists and instrumentalists are terrified by the idea of doing aural, especially in exams. A good ear will help you become a better musician more than any other single musical ability, thus it shouldn't be treated as an occasional extra. Instead, it should be something you work on constantly.

Become more auditory! aims to eliminate the terror associated with hearing. This workbook and CD concentrates on all the components of the aural test through enjoyable listening activities, boxes to fill in, and practice exercises. A variety of interconnected tasks are incorporated to assist strengthen the ear, such as singing, clapping, playing an instrument, writing down music, improvising, and creating, since all facets of musical instruction are, of course, connected.

All the solutions to Sharpen your aural! On the final page of the physical book, there are worksheets for Grade 1.

The very thought of aural, especially in examinations, strikes fear into the heart of many young pianists and instrumentalists. But aural should not be an occasional optional extra, it闂傚倷鑳堕崑銊╁磿閺屻儲鍋 something to be developing all the time, because having a good ear will help you to improve as a musician more than any other single musical skill. Improve your Aural! Is designed to take the fear out of aural. Through fun listening activities, boxes to fill in and practice exercises, this workbook with CD focuses on all the elements of the aural test. And because all aspects of musical training are of course connected, a range of interconnected activities are included to help develop the ear including singing, clapping, playing your instrument, writing music down, improvising and composing. This new edition of this popular series supports new ABRSM syllabus requirements from 2010, ensuring success in the aural test of graded exams.
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