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Marcel Bitsch - Precis D'Harmonie Tonale

Born in Toulouse, Marcel Bitsch (1921-2011) went on to study at the Paris Conservatoire before becoming a professor of counterpoint at the institution. As an exceptionally versatile musician, Bitsch has composed orchestral works, chamber works, numerous pieces and studies for wind instruments, as well as theory books. Pr闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎娓 D'Harmonie Tonale is a significant addition to the theoretical study of harmony. Accessible for beginner to advanced musicians, Bitsch 's Pr闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎娓 D'Harmonie Tonale addresses a variety of technical, harmonic elements. These include chords, intervals, inversions, figured bass, cadences, modulations and suspensions, among many other aspects. Bitsch 's Pr闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎娓 D'Harmonie Tonale includes all of the harmonic devices required in the theoretical study of the element. Pr闂備浇鍋愰崢褍鐣烽幎娓 D'Harmonie Tonale is an outstanding and necessary accompaniment to all harmony studies.
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