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William Bay: Left-Hand Guitar Chord Book


Contains chord forms for all of the most commonly used chords. Chords include major, minor, altered 7ths, diminished, augmented, and many more. All forms are shown in picture, notation, and diagram form for the left-handed guitarist. Chords shown in photo, notation, and diagram form include Major, Minor, Dominant Seventh, Diminished, Augmented, Ninth, Major Seventh, Minor Seventh, Seventh #5, Seventh b5, Sixth, and Minor Sixth. Chords shown in the bonus Moveable Rhythm Chord section include Major, Minor, 7th, Minor 7th, 7sus4, 7b5, 7#5, Minor 7b5, Sixth, Minor 6th, Diminished 7th, Diminished add 9, 9th, Minor 9th, 9b5, 9#5, Minor 9b5, 7th b9, 7th b9#5, 11th, 9 add 6, Minor9 add 6, 13th, 13sus11, 13 b9, 13th b9 b5.


  • - Composer: William Bay
  • - Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
  • - MR-WEB Difficulty: Beginner
  • - Instrumentation: Guitar Solo
  • - Product Type: Instrumental Reference
  • - Genre: Tuition
  • - ISBN: 9780786635740
  • - Pages: 48
  • - Publisher Code: MB98256
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