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Donny Gruendler: Playing With Drum Loops

The reliance upon technology in today's musical world means the demand for drummers to be comfortable working with backing tracks and programmed loops is greater than ever before. Just listening for a few moments to a commercial radio station will clearly demonstrate the vast proliferation of sampled breakbeat phrases, as well as the enormous popularity of combining loops with the 'natural' feel of a live drummer. In this unique book and double-CD set, Donny Gruendler provides a full guide to the rigours of modern, technology-driven drum techniques, offering you a special chance to master skills that will not only transform your playing, but may also open up a new world of performance possibilities for you as a working drummer. Discover how to play to a loop, and how to choose the perfect pattern to work with, rather than against, the loop. Learn how to use fills, breaks and drop outs in the styles of the great Hip Hop / Dance / Metal innovators. Master the art of playing to an instrumental loop, as well as how to play against backing track effectively - a vital requirement of the contemporary musician. Drum notation is fully explained, and the two CDs are overflowing with examples and exercises to support each and every lesson.
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