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Jo Sands/Ruth Kenward: Bully!

An exciting and action-packed classroom musical to tackle the problems of bullying, as seen through the eyes of Kim the leader of a girl gang. The theme of this show is inevitably something that children understand well. The main character, Kim, leads a girl gang. The girls adopt an aggressive, bullying lifestyle until Kim闂傚倷鑳堕崑銊╁磿閺屻儲鍋 own brother becomes entangled in the problems of one of their victims. One of the things learnt from the story is that bullies are often victims themselves; however 闂 with support 闂 this pattern of behaviour can be broken. This exciting musical, with its slick script, nine excellent songs and classy incidental music, offers a very engaging and meaningful dramatic experience for juniors and young teens. The show is theatrically exciting from the start, with its dramatic opening number in three sections, including some dialogue with music under. This number quickly introduces the main gang characters as a new member is initiated. All backing and incidental music is provided on the accompanying CD.
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